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Special Person

The tenderness of your touch

it tells me how you can love a person
so much.

The enthusiasm
preventsw from sarcasm,
reminds me from a person
that can be trusted upon.

For you're so special
to me and to the one you love.
For both of us you'r like a dove
that flies up above
but you never says adieu.

You're name is full of loveliness
that turns the madness
to kindness
that's why I send this to a special miss
but I don't ever miss
that I send this with a kiss
which full of honesty
that you're that the best from
Epistle for the Youth

Dear Youth,

It is so nice to see how vivacious you are,
in dealing with life and adversities.
In every endeavor and fervor toward's life,
in that sturdy knees, your path may define.
Yes! I may say that there's unbounded cleverness,
I'm hoping that in your heart there's pureness.

As our lives evolved year after year of struggle,
you become lavish and fashionable
As busy as a bee in your modish way of life,
unknowingly weakens your faith in God.
Count all the blessings from the burden you had seen,
there's a lot of them than meets the eye.

See not the negative
instead take trials as positive.
God's love how dare you can't see!
from the footprints in the sand it's Him who carry thee
In Christ with Mary, we pray and ask guidance,
that the youth someday way and there will be no hindrance.